Atomic TV Thanksgiving Special

Atomic TV Thanksgiving Special from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Jerry Butler’s Turkey Stuffing
Adult film star Jerry Butler shares his special recipe and unique technique for stuffing a turkey.

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Louis Fowler reviews Atomic TV in DAMAGED!

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“Underdog Battles Satan Claus” – The Confrontation

Underdog Battles Satan Claus: The Confrontation

“…Making it to the parade in the nick of time, Underdog shines in her 11th consecutive holiday march, only to confront her greatest challenge yet… SATAN CLAUS, a Y2K-obssessed messenger of doom who taunts Underdog and terrifies parade goers with his prediction that the world will end New Year’s Eve when Dick Clark drops the ball in Times Square. Will this be the last Hampden Parade for Underdog? Or will she defeat the powers of darkness in time to enjoy a tasty roast beef sandwich?”



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Jerry Butler’s Turkey Stuffing

Adult film star Jerry Butler shares his special recipe and unique technique for stuffing a turkey. From Atomic TV’s Thanksgiving Special.

Jerry Butler’s Turkey Stuffing

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The Stop-Motion Genius of Chuck Vincent

“What the hey???”

Discovered by Scott Huffines during his Atomic Books tape-trading days, “No Strings Attached” was easily the strangest stop-motion animation clip we’d ever seen – or aired on Atomic TV (it was originally included as an extra on the “1997 East Coast Video Show” episode).

Watch “No Strings Attached.” (1978?)

“Good morning, Mrs. Lady. I’m selling Scout cookies – would you be interested in purchasing a box?”
OK, make that the strangest stop-motion short we’d ever seen until we saw “Le Toy Shop”!

Snaggletoothed blow-up love doll from “Le Toy Shop”

It’s obvious that whoever created “No Strings Attached” also was responsible the mind-blowing “Le Toy Shop,” because the two adult-themed animated shorts share some of the same sets and cast “members” (Rod “What the hey?” Toole; the sexy Barbie doll housewife and her G.I. Joe cuckold husband; the giant disembodied dollhead observers – an Indian head in “No Strings Attached” and a demon head in “Le Toy Shop” – who act as a sort of silent Greek chorus holding together the narrative arc).

Rod Toole reprises his “No Strings Attached” role

Demon Doll Head

Lt. Uhura and Capt. Kirk: Lust in Space

But what ups the ante in “Le Toy Shop” is the appearance of a new cast of anatomically augmented players, including a pair of horny Star Trek figures (Kirk finally consummates his Lt. Uhura fantasies!), a bareback rough-riding urban cowboy, and a very sleazy looking Sonny Bono doll. And that’s before we even get introduced to the “adult” dolls, which include those of the blow-up and vibrating variety, not to mention a phallic phalanx of marching dildo heads! (By the way, it’s easy to date this film’s time period going by the bargain basement prices advertised – a $3.98 dildo? That’s a steal!)

The Love Shack: Toys for all occasions!

Though neither film lists legitimate credits (instead heralding bogus cast members like “Ben Dover,” “Rod Toole” and “Ophelia Balls”), both are believed to be the work of auteur Chuck Vincent (aka Chuck Vincent Dingley), though one Internet site credits the films to a “Robert Patten.” This source says: “The guy who made this film, Robert Patten, was my roommate back in the late 70′ early ’80. He wrote, directed and animated. He shot in out apartment in Manhattan. I have not seen it in many years. He made another No Strings Attached. I believe in 1978 or there about.”

Continue reading “The Stop-Motion Genius of Chuck Vincent” at Tom Warner’s Accelerated Decrepitude.

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“Le Toy Shop”

This mind-blowing stop-motion short is believed to be a late ’70s or early ’80s (?) film by Robert Patten (Chuck Vincent), who is allegedly the same auteur behind the companion piece, “No Strings Attached,” which features several of the same cast members!


About Chuck Vincent
From an Ebay auction for Chuck Vincent’s EROTIC ANIMATION FESTIVAL

From late 1970s on long out of print VCA label. PLOT & COMMENTARY : Legendary XXX stop motion animation shorts LE TOY SHOPPE and NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Amazing!!! Plus live action shorts THE APPOINTMENT and WILD HONEY. Early work from Nudie Comedy auteur CHUCK VINCENT.

BIO: Writer/director/producer/editor Charles Vincent Dingley was born on September 6, 1940 in Michigan. Vincent began his show business career in regional theater as a director and stage manager. He subsequently moved east and worked for both Yale Rep and the Negro Ensemble Company prior to founding the production company Platinum Pictures in New York City. Chuck made his cinematic debut in 1971 with the comedic adult short feature “The Appointment.” Vincent churned out a slew of often humorous and frequently arousing adult oriented movies from the early 70s up until the mid 80s which include “While the Cat’s Away,” “Blue Summer,” “Lecher,” “Heavy Load,” “Visions,” “Dirty Lily,” “Jack’n'Jill,” “Misbehavin’,” “Roommates,” “Puss’n'Boots,” “In Love,” “Bordello … House of the Rising Sun,” and “Sex Crimes 2084.” Among the popular porno thespians he regularly worked with are Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, and Jamie Gillis. Outside of his porno fare, Chuck also did such more “legitimate” R-rated low-budget films as the amusing lowbrow comedies “Summer Camp,” “Hot T-Shirts,” “C.O.D.,” “Preppies,” “Hollywood Hot Tubs,” “Wimps,” “Sex Appeal,” “Slammer Girls,” and “New York’s Finest,” and the horror shocker “Deranged,” with Roberts Blossom, and the period action drama “Warrior Queen,” and the erotic thriller sequel “Bedroom Eyes II.” He appeared in small parts in a handful of his own pictures. Chuck Vincent died at age 51 from AIDS complications on September 23, 1991 in Key West, Florida.

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Obama / Romney “Beat It” Knife Fight

Circling each other like sharks, Obama and Romney face off in a Michael Jackson “Beat It” knife fight at the second 2012 Presidential Debate.



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Atomic TV’s “East Coast Video Show 2000″ Episode

Atomic TV covered Atlantic City’s East Coast Video Show religiously until they got regular jobs and setteled down to a lives of quiet desperation. A look back at the days of hardcore lore…

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Atomic TV’s “East Coast Video Show” Porn Convention Episode

Episode coming online soon…. in the meantime…

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Discovered by Scott Huffines during his Atomic Books tape-trading days, this is easily the strangest stop-motion animation clip we’ve ever seen – or aired. Yes, it was originally included as an extra on Atomic TV’s “1997 East Coast Video Show Porn Convention” episode.

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Atomic TV’s “You Asked For It!” Part 2

Atomic TV’s You Asked For It! Part 2 from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

You asked for it, low-fi low-brow TV fans, and Atomic TV really gave it to you this time! The first half of this episode features a mish-mash of cult film shorts, music videos and oddball visuals, while the second half pays homage to John Waters and his then-new film Cecil B. Demented (a personal favorite of ATV’s Tom Warner!).

    • See music videos by Talking Heads (“Once in a Lifetime”) and Buzzcocks (“What Do I Get”)
    • See TV commercials for milk and potato chips by Dusty Springfield and The Carpenters
    • See Henninger’s Tavern impressario Kenny Vieth (aka “Lance Charming”) request the banana-eating scene from Hope & Crosby’s final film THE ROAD TO HONG KONG
    • See stomach-wrenching videos of placenta-gushing childbirth, ocular trauma and dirty diapers
    • See “God’s Angry Man” televangelist Dr. Gene Scott and his Toy FCC Monkey Band
    • See Skizz Cyzyk’s short film “Star Spangled Babydoll” (1999)
    • See Firesign Theatre’s serial parody “Sperm Bank Holdup”
    • See Davey & Goliath spoof “Davey & Son of Goliath”
    • See Atomic TV’s exclusive coverage of the 2000 premiere of John Waters’s Cecil B. Demented at “The Historic Senator Theater” plus trailers, clips and interviews with the director, Jackie Nickel (VIP mother of Atomic TV’s Scott “Unpainted” Huffines) and stars Stephen Dorf, Alicia Witt, Patty Hearst and Ricki Lake
    • See tributes to Dreamlanders Bob Adams (who intro a classic “Mr. Ray” hair-weave commercial) and Susan Lowe (star of John Waters’s Desperate Living)
    • See Meatjack enjoy their 4 seconds of Cecil B. Demented soundtrack fame (Brian Danolowski: “I figure we’re due another 14 minutes and 56 seconds of our 15 minutes of fame!”) during a record-signing appearance with John Waters and hip-hop star Karen McMillan (“Demented Forever”) at Sound Garden in Fells Point.

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