Atomic TV: Cameo Awards Entry

BCAC: Baltimore Cable Access Corporation Channel 75 “Cameo Awards” entry highlight reel

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Atomic TV’s 1999 Holiday Special: “Underdog Battles Satan Claus”

Atomic TV’s 1999 Holiday Special: “Underdog Battles Satan Claus”
Will this be the last Christmas of the Millennium… or the last Christmas EVER? Join Atomic TV co-hosts Tom Warner and Scott Huffines to find out, as they once again risk nervous breakdowns escorting Underdog (visionary artist Suzanne Muldowney) to the annual Mayor’s Holiday Parade in Hampden, MD. Things get off to a shaky start when Underdog’s train is delayed by 40 minutes (nixing plans for a lunch stop at Roy Rogers for her beloved roast beef sandwiches), leading to a high-speed car chase sequence that eclipses THE FRENCH CONNECTION and BULLITT for hair-raising thrills!

Making it to the parade in the nick of time, Underdog shines in her 11th consecutive holiday march, only to confront her greatest challenge yet… SATAN CLAUS, a Y2K-obssessed messenger of doom who taunts Underdog and terrifies parade goers with his prediction that the world will end New Year’s Eve when Dick Clark drops the ball in Times Square. Will this be the last Hampden Parade for Underdog? Or will she defeat the powers of darkness in time to enjoy a tasty roast beef sandwich? Watch and find out in our wildest Christmas Special ever! Plus enjoy wacky parade floats like the ‘Reindeer Hunter’ tribute to ‘Nam POW’s and the Shriner’s ‘Crippled Children’ float!


“Underdog Battles Satan Claus: The Confrontation”

“Let me see that Tootsie Roll!”
“Underdog Lady” (from the Howard Stern Show) takes a brief respite from her battle with Satan Claus so that she can stock up the secret compartment in her cape with treats tossed to the ground by the Tootsie Roll Trolley.

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Atomic TV’s 1998 Holiday Special: “The Year Underdog Saved Christmas”

Join Atomic TV co-hosts Tom Warner and Scott Huffines as they once again discover the “true” meaning of Christmas. Atomic TV used to think the holidays were all about eatin’, drinkin’ and grabbin’ some Piece on Earth at the local strip club. But this year, we learned that Christmas is about the sacred and the traditional – all thanks to Underdog Lady (Suzanne Muldowney). Like Santa Claus, Underdog comes down from the North (well, New Jersey) once a year to bring her gifts to Baltimore, where she uses the “medium of dance” to portray her favorite canine cartoon superhero in the Hampden Christmas Parade. But this year, Diva ‘Dog brings another gift – her perfect-pitch soprano voice – to the celebration, singing sacred songs accompanied by the rollicking frollicking of local instro-mentalists Garage Sale! Plus, enjoy the usual secular blasphemy: Jesus promoting his “New Testament” wine cooler, Santa getting his traditional lap-dance from a surgically enhanced stripper, winos spitting in fruitcake, ‘Nam vets in the eerie “Reindeer Hunter” Xmas parade float, Tiny Tom coming out of the closet, vintage retro holiday ads, Xmas film trailers and Lorne Greene’s legendary holiday soliloquoy.

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Atomic TV’s 1997 Holiday Special: The “Holiday at Ground Zero” Episode

We put the X in Xmas when a politically incorrect Santa Claus comes to Atomic Books to teach Atomic TV’s elfin Tiny Tom and Scott “Scrooge” Huffines the true meaning of Christmas: pure and unadulterated sleaze. When he’s not thumbing through ANAL PLEASURE & HEALTH at Atomic Books, randy Santa is visiting strip clubs to get lap dances from surgically augmented dancers (on Donna, on Vixen!)… spanking bad go-go gals with his big peppermint candy cane… listening to the raucous rock caroling of local troubadors Garage Sale and The Krudz… and getting plastered on cheap brewskis before passing out in a pool of his own sick… Also see the incredible Boumi Temple Shriners and Howard Stern nutcase Suzanne Muldowney (Underdog Lady) take part in the Mayor’s Annual Holiday Parade in Baltimore’s White Trash Mecca, Hampden… see James Brown literally go straight to the ghetto for holiday cheer, see Joe Friday lay a nativity Dragnet to snare the missing baby Jesus, plus enjoy vintage Christmas cartoons and drive-in trailers!

Parade Highlights

“Underdog Lady”

“Tiny Tom” Warner

Outside Atomic Books

Santa grabs a Bud!

“Bang! That’s Wild!”

“The Krudz” are jammin!

“Mmmm… tastes like plastic…
Lick it up!”

“The Krudz” perform
“Heat Miser/Cold Miser”

“Look Santa! More beer!”

Instro-mentalists “Garage Sale”

Mychelle takes Santa and Tiny Tom to KAOS for holiday lap dances!

Say “hello” to “Britney”
and prepare for a lap dance!

Tiny Tom: “Thanks for getting
me a lap dance, Santa!
God Bless Us All!”

Santa has too much
“holiday cheer” and
pukes his guts out

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Dead Air exhibition at at the Metro Gallery

Dead Air: The End of Analog
Atomic TV Highlights Reel, 2009

Lost Signals

Wily exhibition pays respects to a possibly vanishing aspects of a mass medium

…”The furtive aesthetic of Davis’ video is matched, in an odd way, by Scott Huffines and erstwhile City Paper contributor Tom Warner, whose public access show Atomic TV gets a retrospective here. Although the public access series ended in 2005, with the bulk of the episodes having been produced in the late 1990s, its inclusion acknowledges that with the loss of broadcast television, other things, such as public access, may go as well. Huffines and Warner acknowledge that many changes in the new millennium, from digital videotape to YouTube to the sour economy, led to the discontinuation of their project. To see it here is to remember what’s possible when you can assume that a viewer will watch something for more than a minute and, more importantly, lives in your hometown.”

Continue reading “Lost Signals” at Baltimore City Paper.

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