Atomic TV — “Music Minus One: A Remembrance of Mark Harp”

Music Minus One: A Remembrance of Mark Harp (1947-2004)

Atomic TV: Mark Harp – Music Minus One from Atomic TV on Vimeo.

Features live performances of The Tralalas at the 2004 Hampden HonFest, The Mark Harp Band at Baltimore’s Pow Wow fest, performances by Chelsea Graveyard, plus a musical tribute to Mark Harp by his friends and peers (Beatoes, Motor Morons, Ramona Pula, Scott Wallace Brown, Chelsea Graveyard, Dick Hertz & Beef Jerky.) Also music videos of Two If by Sea and Plans Plans. 117 minutes.

“Harp, the Herald Angels Sing – The Ghost of Christmas Past: Mark Harp (1957-2004)” — Baltimore or Less

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