Watch Atomic TV on your TV!

If your smart TV has the Vimeo app, you’re all set!

Launch your Vimeo app, go to search, and enter “atomic tv”.

Here’s how to play Atomic TV on Roku’s Vimeo App.
Other smart TV Vimeo apps are similar.

1. Add the free Vimeo channel to your Roku player.

2. Launch the Vimeo app, go to search, and enter “atomic tv”.

3. Scroll right until you find an Atomic TV episode. You’ll know when you find it.

4. Sit back and enjoy watching full episodes of Atomic TV in their original lo-def VHS glory on your hi-def TV!

PS. If you have a free Vimeo account and you click “like” on an Atomic TV episode you watch online, it should show up under “My Likes” on the Roku app.

Watch Atomic TV on Tivo

1. Go to Tivo’s Web Videos page.
2. At the very bottom, on the right, look for: “Add your own web video with custom RSS feeds.” rss icon
3. Enter and click “Get this RSS Feed.”

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